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Acupuncture Study Tour---Two Week Medical Acupuncture Program in China

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Australia-China International Health Interchange

Australia-China International Health Interchange (ACIHI) is an organisation based in Sydney, developing, organising and implementing study programs and study tours for Australian and International health care professionals, students and anyone who is interested to gain knowledge and skills in various fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)---including Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese therapeutic massage.

Our Mission is supporting the understanding and utilisation of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our support team members are dedicated to ensure that your tour will be rewarding in its outcome, providing you with ability to benefit with the inclusions of what you learn into your practice.

The ACIHI Education Centres include one of the largest TCM hospitals in Asia, which provides world-class academic level of Acupuncture. Please contact us for further information about these centres.


Two Week Medical Acupuncture Program in Tianjin, China 
26thMarch—10th April 2009

Clinical observation and practice

Site visits

Small groups

Skills Development

Beneficial Application

Opportunity for sightseeing in Beijing

Topics and contents are closely related to your everyday practice

Delegates are welcome to choose their preferred topics, gain what you need.  




“Hi Nelie, It was a pleasure being with you in China and I thoroughly appreciated your care and attention. You were always so helpful and concerned, as was of course Dr. Wang and Gary……….

“We should keep in touch, as we are all willing to help you plan your next program. I thought that our group mixed together really well and we all seemed to have a great time. 

“It was a very special experience to go to China and I think that it will not be too long before I try and go again.”

Dr. Stephen Moulding (GP, Canberra)

“Hi Nelie, Thank you so much for all your hard work and caring thoughtfulness -it made our trip so exciting and stimulating without all the language barriers, which would have been impossible without you and Gary. Dr Wang was wonderful and please thank him sincerely again for all his care and thoughtfulness……….

“It was a great way for me to revise before doing the AMAC exam next year!!

“It was a truly memorable trip. Everyone here was very interested to hear of my adventures - especially my patients who have lined up for acupuncture this week. I am treating with more confidence of points and needles insertion. …………

I am still enjoying telling all who will listen about the China trip - makes me want to go again but not sure when I can get away.

Dr. Vivienne Taylor (GP, member of AMAC, NOOSA HEADS, QLD )

I am Jay Ruthnam from NSW, Australia, a practising GP with over 30 years clinical experience. I held a staff specialist position as director of emergency and currently I am also a senior lecturer at the university of NSW.

In October 2004, I spent two weeks in the first and second TCM teaching hospitals in Tianjin organised by Aus-China International Health Interchange. This experience not only reinforced my belief that patients benefit from a combination approach in therapies, but also encapsulated the study of TCM and acupuncture unparalleled.

Conventional medicine still leaves significant number of patients with poor quality of life or they are unrelieved of symptoms. With acupuncture I offer more than orthodox medicine, and going to Tianjin certainly gives the confidence to practice effectively after you see experts at their work. They share their knowledge and skills willingly.

I came in with less knowledge and certainly left with more. In addition, the sightseeing and sampling cultural food made the trip more exciting. Hence this trip was certainly worth, the time, effort and money spent. It is an experience I will store in my bank of pleasant memories forever.

Dr. Jay Ruthnam (GP, Coffs Harbour)